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Cyber Risk Assessment

We are your trusted partner

In today's digital world, cybersecurity readiness is crucial to safeguard your business.  At Tech One Services, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that empower your organization's security.  With our personalized partnerships and expert services, we will ensure your business stays protected from evolving cyber threats.

Introducing our top-tier Cyber Security Readiness Service

Your personal guardian to align your business and clients with the new FTC Safeguards Rules.  With our affordable service, you'll be more insurable with a cybersecurity plan to navigate a company data breach or threat. 


Here is what Tech One Services can offer:  

Fortify Your Digital Defense:  We'll assess your current security measures and identify potential weak spots, sealing every vulnerability with Best-In-Industry solutions tailored to your company’s needs. 

Stay Ahead of the Game:  Our expert team will educate you on the latest hacking techniques and equip you with insider knowledge.   Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and so are we!


Keep Employees Informed:  We help unravel the mysteries of cybersecurity.  We'll keep you updated on emerging trends, provide proactive advice, and continue to offer regular security audits to ensure your digital assets are protected. 

We use key security controls adapted from the National Institute of Standards and Technology - NIST SP 800-53 framework.

Our process

Thorough Risk Assessment and Effective Controls Implementation


To begin the process, we will conduct a detailed risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities within your organization.  This assessment will cover critical areas such as the security of your records, protection of privacy information, defense against social engineering attacks, prevention of ransomware, multi-factor authentication (MFA) controls, backup strategies, remote workforce security, mobile device protection, encryption, and data retention policies.


Tailored Security Measures for Your Specific Needs


Based on the findings of the risk assessment, Tech One Services will provide you with a set of recommendations specifically tailored to your organization's requirements.  These recommendations will fortify your defenses and help you mitigate the identified risks effectively.


Enhancing Cyber Awareness through Training


A key aspect of cybersecurity readiness is ensuring that your employees are well-informed and equipped to recognize and respond to potential threats. We strongly recommend ongoing cyber awareness training and phishing testing for your staff. Our experts can develop customized training programs that educate your employees on best practices, emerging threats, and how to maintain a secure digital environment.

Monitoring Service Providers and Establishing an Incident Response Plan


As part of our comprehensive cybersecurity services, we extend our expertise to help you monitor the security practices of your service providers.  We provide regular updates and reports, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of their controls and ensure they meet your organization's security standards.


Choose Tech One Services for Reliable Cybersecurity Readiness


With Tech One Services as your trusted partner, together with our trusted partner TEKRiSQ, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cybersecurity readiness is in capable hands.  Our team is committed to delivering tailored solutions, comprehensive risk assessments, effective control implementation, ongoing monitoring, and continuous training to keep your organization protected.  


Don't wait for a cyber incident to occur—let us help you safeguard your digital assets and ensure a secure future for your business.


Contact us today to discuss your cybersecurity readiness needs and take the first step towards a robust security plan.  Together, we can strengthen your defenses and navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape with confidence.

Call Tech One Services  (716) 362-3559 for information

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