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What should you do if you suspect a breach?

A response should be immediate

Perhaps an employee discovers they can't access an email account or the company network.  Or you received a message that your data has been encrypted.  If you can't immediately contact your technology department or you don't have an IT provider, we are ready to help you. 

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You need a computer forensic service.  You or your IT department might be able to determine where there was an intrusion, but Tech One Services can assist with telling you what actually occurred by analyzing your system.  

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Call your insurance provider

Your cyber security insurance provider should also be notified.  We understand many small business owners don't believe their company is big enough to be at risk, but any organization that has internet access and collects data is vulnerable to a cyber attack, putting you at financial risk.  Cyber insurance protects you from attacks and helps you recover costs after a security breach.  Cyber insurance is a modern necessity that every business should investigate to help protect its professional, personal, and client data.  Do I need insurance?

Response plan

Moreover, if your organization doesn't have an Incident Response Plan (IRP) in place, we can help you develop a customized plan.  An IRP ensures that your organization is well-prepared to respond effectively to any cybersecurity incidents, minimizing potential damage and downtime.

Every business today should have a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) in place.  This type of plan helps you organize the moving parts associated with a data breach.  We understand the importance of having a dedicated person responsible for your organization's cybersecurity.  


We will help you identify and designate a qualified individual who will be in charge of your cybersecurity program.  If your organization doesn't currently have a WISP, don't worry.  We can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan that aligns with the best practices in the industry.

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