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Cyber Security Readiness

As a client of Tech One Services, you have made a commitment to protecting your data from security breaches and attacks.  But what does this actually mean?  Here is the process and procedures we incorporate for our clients...

You may not know you even need it

Many business people know the steps to prevent a cyber attack.  You provide employee trainings, use multiple authentication codes, and a knowledgeable managed service provider (MSP).  

Tech One Services, being an MSP, protects your equipment, data, and phone services similar to how a bodyguard defends oncoming threats.  We worked out an affective process to segregate your backed up data from most issues.  Where things get tricky, is not knowing about threats that are being planned by unethical hackers. 


These hackers are the people that constantly attempt to sneak in through a backdoor of a system, hide out somewhere in your data, and attack quietly, over time, without anyone knowing.  And this is happening more and more each day. 


And it's not just to the big companies that you hear about in the news, but the small to medium sized companies that make up most communities.  These are the most vulnerable victims because hackers expect those businesses not to have precautions in place.


Endpoint detection & response software (we still need a vendor for this claim)

Tech One Services Monthly Maintenance Plan already provides special techniques and procedures to keep your data encrypted.  So even if the network is breached we can get you back online.  Where additional cyber security services can help you become almost full-proof is when you add a layer of cyber security monitoring on top of what we already do each month;  Every hour, of every day.

Let's visit the bodyguard analogy again.  Imagine your wallet is stolen.  The bodyguard goes out and perhaps finds the thief and finds the wallet.  Maybe he even handles getting replacements for you;  Your license, credit cards, and maybe even the cash that was in your wallet.  The issue might then be your wallet contents are out there; being reinvented.  Personal information that is being placed on the dark web and sold to those people who know what to do with information. 

So even if you do get breached you still have to fix the source of the infections and that is done by EDR software (Endpoint Detection & Response).


No more Safe Harbor

Make your digital world more secure by increasing your resistance to attacks.  There were 300% more cyber vulnerabilities in 2021 than just five years earlier.  70% of U.S. businesses, small and large have experienced attempted cyber attacks due to poorly managed systems that are open to unknown digital threats.  As of April 2022, what used to be known as a "safe harbor" for businesses and owners to simply be reprimanded for not knowing their responsibilities toward protecting their assets, are now facing financial penalties.  In most cases, putting them out of business.  Tech One Services is providing knowledge and the ability to help you with those responsibilities.


We will help you learn and be safe

Good news.  We know what to do.  We help map your attacks, test critical equipment and data, and improve your attack resistance management by providing additional, and ongoing protection.  Just like your own bodyguard!  Call us to discuss starting a new assessment of your systems or add to your existing monthly service.  Find out about a complete vulnerability test that will show in real time what's going on in your system.

Let's Work Together

See how resistant you are against attacks.  There are teams of ethical hackers (the good guys) that have teamed up to aid in your cyber attack resistance and help reduce your security gap.  And we're not talking about the handful of vulnerabilities you may hear about at the office or on the news.  There are over 290,000 threats on the market today.  These include those abusive ones looking to overtake bank accounts, client information, and hold your assets ransom.  Strengthen your business and your staff today.  Call or email Tech One Services for help and guidance.

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