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Phone Service

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Business communications made easy

Our hosted voice-over-the-internet-protocol, or VoIP for short, provides you a secure business phone system that gives you the flexibility to conduct your calls from anywhere.  From any device.  Working away from your VoIP office phone?  Your clients can still reach you using your business phone number and extension.  You can take the call from anywhere. 

These features go way beyond call-forwarding!

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We suit it to your needs

Our fully customizable phone system is a breeze to set up. We can easily add and remove users and features to suit your business needs. And only pay for what you need since there’s no long-term contract required!


Tech you can trust

This patented system is so unique than other VoIP phone systems, you can enjoy disaster-proof service that's always up and always on.  It's cloud-based, high redundancy, and hosted.


Hardware on the house

Make calls directly from your computer, phone app, or use your VoIP desktop phone.  Free VoIP phones are included with the Unlimited plan (5 users minimum).

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Get the most out of your business phone and communication system with a multitude of features including Auto Attendants, Dial By Name, Voicemail To Email, and Business Hours Rules.  For businesses with call centers, enjoy added benefits from an enhanced queue dashboard, website chat capabilities, and call monitoring.

The benefits available with our phone services really take off when you begin to use the features included for company collaborations and the rich admin portal. 

Let's Work Together

Give us a call at 716-362-3559, or email us here

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