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The smartest way to protect and manage 
your data.

Solutions that are affordable and secure.

Protecting your business and clients from cyber threats can be overwhelming with technical jargon and ever-evolving requirements.

Tech One Services understands the intricate world of cybersecurity and will guide you through the process, simplifying complex technicalities. 

We ensure your business and clients are safeguarded against potential risks, providing secure protection for your data and equipment.
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Our services

Our Services


Monthly Managed Service

No surprise IT costs.

The key benefit of our monthly maintenance service plan is no surprise IT costs.  You'll benefit from our constant monitoring of your entire system for security issues, needed updates, hardware failure,  and more. 

Problems can be solved before you ever notice them.


Phone System

Unlock the Flexibility of VoIP: 

With our hosted Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service, you can enjoy the benefits of a secure business phone system that offers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you're in the office or working remotely, our VoIP solution allows you to conduct calls from any device.


CyberSecurity Readiness

Become compliant with the new FTC Safeguard Rules.

We assess your current policies and IT makeup to ensure your able to detect and effectively respond to computer security breaches from both outside and inside your network.

How it works

How we work with you

Meet and Assess

We start with a meeting.  We listen as you tell us about your systems and data protection.  Then, we'll assess and discuss the options and requirements available to your business.


Fast setup

Tech One Services utilizes 20 years of experience to develop your plan and onboarding schedule.  Within a few days, we'll have everything ready.  When it's time to move forward, we'll coordinate with your schedule for any installations and keep interruptions of your daily workflow to a minimum.

Tech One Services Logo
Tech One Services Logo

Quick support

Our support ticket app allows you to quickly scan a code with your phone and enter your issue.  For high-priority matters, we're ready to respond within minutes.  Tech One Services can even connect remotely.  We will handle your ticket behind the scenes, without you missing a beat.

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Ensure your employees never fall behind due to missed updates or by putting your network at risk.

Your Strategic Partner

Your devices are equipped with secure solutions.  Know your work is protected against data loss, threats, and malware.

Stay in the Know

Our industry is always buzzing with news and updates.  Receive relevant articles and posts. 

Contact Us
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